A Little Fire Scarecrow

A Recording Project By

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Coraline Ada Ehmke

A Little Fire Scarecrow is a recording project by Coraline Ada Ehmke, a transgender musician who writes, records, and produces from her home studio in Chicago. Coraline sings, plays bass, guitar, keyboards, and a variety of folk instruments, and her music features occasional contributions from Kevin Chatham (bass) and Alva Snædís (guitar and bass).

Coraline believes that music is literature. Every song is a story told in words and sounds, the music painting a landscape, creating a sense of space and place. Her style encompasses rich layers superimposed on each other to create a distinctive, other-worldly quality. She draws inspiration from Legendary Pink Dots, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Swans, Gary Numan, and a number of post-rock, chamber psych, and old-school goth artists.

Latest Release

Scare You
Scare You